Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Than Foundation

CPS installs egress windows increasing your homes value and safety

In Kansas City where basements are common, egress windows can save your family’s life in case of a fire. In fact, building codes now require egress windows in basements where there are living quarters.
An egress window is an easy-to-open window also serves as an emergency exit for below-ground living spaces.
Let’s be honest – during a fire, stairs could be blocked or damaged. To avoid such dangerous situations, the International Residential Code requires an egress window or the equivalent in all basements used partially or entirely as a living space.
Just as important, an egress window totally eliminates the “dungeon feeling” that many, if not most, basements have.
With egress windows, you can have fresh air in your basement, which improves your home’s overall ventilation.
These windows increase the value of your house by adding your basement as a living space when selling or refinancing.
Give CPS a call to get your egress window install done right.

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