Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stop Water Foundation Issues

Control Water, Stop Kansas City Foundation Cracks

A cracked foundation is a serious problem that’s usually obvious to the naked eye. But did you know these serious problems can start from something as innocuous as a backed up gutter that you hadn’t noticed?

In fact, gutter problems are one of the biggest causes of foundation problems necessitating Kansas City foundation repair. The moisture level of the ground under your home needs to stay in balance, and in KC that means when it does rain, if the water is pooling in the wrong places, it can easily start the unleveling process that will eventually lead to foundation cracking. On the bright side, before you ever have a foundation crack, there are signs to watch for that may mean you need help.
1. Sticking Doors and Windows – These are an indication that that you might soon have foundation cracks and need repairs. The reason they stick is because the building is slightly higher on one side than the other. Often times sticking doors and windows will be accompanied by cracks in drywall. If the root problem, the foundation, is not fixed first, then repairing these cracks will prove a futile effort.
2. Water leaking into or puddling near your basement or crawlspace – While usually caused by a problem above ground (like faulty guttering), water pooling near your home will mean more shifting than is safe for your foundation. Usually such problems can be addressed fairly easily and inexpensively if you notice them. Make sure that the ground contours away from your home so as to direct the water away from your foundation, that your gutters are clear and that your downspouts are also directing water away from your home.
3. Only watering one part of your lawn or landscape – By only watering one part of a lawn or landscape feature you can unknowingly cause your own foundation to become unbalanced. During droughts be sure that you’re not putting too much water on only one part of your yard and not on the other. Remember, it’s about keeping the moisture level of the soil balanced.
Keep in mind too that voids under driveways, walkways and other concrete structures can cause puddling near your foundation and thus cause damage. It’s important that if you think you have a problem with water near your foundation to get it corrected as soon as possible. If you think you might have damage or aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to contact Commercial Piering Systems – we’ve got the pros and the experience to help you identify problems and correct them before they become more serious.

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