Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home Foundations Shift in Extreme Heat

Most people think that the cold weather is the worst cause of foundation issues. Did you know the extreme temperatures of the heat can cause a lot of issues too? Beware. The heat wave of 2011, in Texas, caused home foundations to shift causing a lot of damage to homes throughout the T-state. The first signs of it were the cracks in their foundation, drywall, and on the exterior bricks of their home. Later, it moved to cracks in the tile on the walls and the tile flooring boasting speed bumps in the middle of the floor.

 Not fun!

Home foundations need to be inspected during this dry, hot season. However, before calling for an inspection, or even just a consultation, be on the lookout for interior doors that stick, cracks on the inside walls of the home, and gaps beside the windows. It is said that any issues with the foundations can lead to problems with the plumbing and roofing as well. It is best to be on alert as these issues can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to repair. If they can be avoided it is the best.

Home foundations in Kansas City, are being seduced this year by the hot summer heat. Keep a lookout for the things described above that show signs of stress on your foundation or a shift in gravity and location. If there are issue with home foundations in Kansas City, we want to be available to answer any questions and get your foundation evaluated right away. If there is any question that your foundation is suffering from heat, then we want to get out to your home and get it evaluated. Remember, waiting causes more issues that can rack up a much larger expense.
For home foundations in Kansas City, we are your crew. We make local our focal point.

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